Standards of Excellence

Marst Insurance Services prides itself on our Standards of Excellence:

As a part of our Standards of Excellence, we will:

  1. Treat our clients with respect and civility.
  2. Work with you to discover the insurance services that are best for you.
  3. Use our relationships with companies to provide the most appropriate products to meet your needs.
  4. Explain the coverages and options that are available to you.
  5. Use our 30+ years of experience to provide a customized insurance plan for each of our clients.
  6. Guide you through any claim to ensure a timely and reasonable resolution.
  7. Assist you throughout the growth and development of your business.
  8. Provide prompt service to our customers at all times.
  9. Commit our staff to continuing insurance education in order to better serve you.
  10. Conduct day-to-day business ethically and with our customers’ needs in mind.

Marst Insurance holds itself to the highest standards and we pledge to do everything we can to meet your needs.